Relieve The Most Intense Itching With A Hair Dryer

Heat to relieve itch hair dryer

There’s nothing worse than having an itch that can’t be satisfied.  If given the choice, I’d rather be in a medically induced coma than incur insatiable itching.  OK, maybe that’s a bit extreme but seriously, when itching is intolerable and nothing makes it go away, there’s not much you can do but obsess and feel miserable. Despite endless searching on the internet, I’ve never come across a solution that relieves intense itching when all home remedies, prescriptions, and over the counter medications fail.  Recently, I accidentally discovered something (totally free) that works to stop itching and it works MIRACULOUSLY!

Before I share this super weird tip, let me remind you that I’m not a doctor!   And I’m pretty sure no doctor would say “oh yes!  try that”.   Certainly, no doctor of mine has ever suggested I try this.  Anyhow, there’s my disclaimer.  Proceed at your own risk!

Now, for the good stuff!  The secret weapon is a hair dryer and that’s ALL you need.

Hair dryer heat relieve itching

I swear this is crazy but I discovered it by accident while torturing myself to relieve itching from a terrible rash.  Later I found that if I searched hair dryer and itch relief, interesting articles came up with a lot of comments from others that know the secret.  I thought I was the first to discover it but it’s been out there and working for people for years!  All I can say is, this has helped me during times I could barely tolerate how my skin felt and nothing relieved it.  Not even the most potent corticosteroids.  But the hair dryer?  A life-altering miracle solution!

Using heat to relieve itching has been widely discussed.  There are a several theories as to why it works.  I’ve read the heat induces pain which blocks the nerve pathway for itching.  There’s another theory that the heat can destroy proteins that are causing itching.  And a really interesting one posted by a medical student stated the heat causes the mast cells at inflammation sites to release all their histamines immediately (as opposed to their normal gradual release) and the itching subsides until the cells can build up their histamine levels again.   Whatever the situation, the heat from the hair dryer relieves itching!  It blows away hydrocortisone, triamcinolone, clobetasol (super potent), benadryl. aloe vera, Calamine, you name it!  Nothing beats the heat!  It’s absolutely amazing!

How To Relieve Itching With Heat From A Hair Dryer

  • Turn on the hair dryer and set it on the high heat setting.
  • Aim the hair dryer directly at the invasion site (A couple inches away)
  • Hold the hair dryer aimed at the itchy zone until the skin gets very hot but don’t burn yourself.   This is the important step – the heat has to be intense enough to cause sharp pain for just a fraction of a second.
  • Right when you feel pain from the intense heat and can’t take it, quickly pull the dryer away.
  • Repeat this process for 2 – 10 minutes and cover every area of itchy skin.
  • Wait for the skin to cool off and the itching should vanish.  If not, you may need to repeat the process
  • For additional relief at a very persistent spot of itching, apply ice to the area.

You may notice when the skin starts to heat up, it feels intensely itchy.  Like crazy insane itching!  Does this support the theory that cells are dumping histamines?  I don’t know!  But the itch from the initial heat is almost intolerable.  Just keep going!  As the area gets real hot, it begins to feel satisfying, and finally the pain of the near burn, wipes out the the itch for about 8 hours.  I’ve read this is not a good solution for poison  ivy but it works for mosquito bites, chigger bites, any insect bite, fungal infections, bacterial infections, Grovers spots, polymorphic light eruption (PMLE), and so much more.  It works beautifully on PMLE flare ups!

I don’t know what to say other than this solution really works!  I suffer from PMLE and the hair dryer stops the itching right away when nothing else will!  Just don’t burn yourself.   Now that I have my hair dryer to relieve itching everything is fantastic!  Have you tried this or heard of it before?  Share your thoughts and other miraculous discoveries you may know about below!

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6 thoughts on “Relieve The Most Intense Itching With A Hair Dryer

  1. i get eczema patches on my arms and legs and after a shower i heat the patches with my hairdryer and it seems to really help!
    i think it must dry them out perhaps but it certainly stops the itching in its tracks

    1. There are some different theories as to why the heat stops the itching. I’m not sure which one is accurate but it works! Isn’t it the weirdest thing? I don’t even know how I accidentally discovered this. Some bizarre alien calling? I don’t know! LOL but it works!

    1. It’s so bizarre! But next time you get a mosquito bite or something, try it. I really don’t know which theory is correct as to why it works, but IT WORKS when absolutely nothing else does.

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