Is Solvaderm A Scam? Here Are The Facts – You Decide!

Solvaderm scam - Does eyevage work?

Is Solvaderm a big scam?  Are they misleading consumers?  Who are the faceless people behind this company?   I’ll share the facts that I’ve across and you can decide for yourself.

There are a lot of questionable things consumers need to take into consideration when evaluating the legitimacy of Solvaderm.  I’m not stating the operation is a scam but I have uncovered things that smell fishy.  The owners certainly aren’t showing their proud faces or associating with the product in the presence of consumers.  And they aren’t speaking about their products, innovation, or how they give back to the community.  They aren’t talking about fair trade and we don’t see them on any televised programs sharing their expertise and passion about skin care and cosmetics.  As a matter of fact, I bet you can’t even figure out who owns the company!  Go ahead and try!  It’s not easy to figure out who is behind Solvaderm.

The question is…WHY?

Message to beauty bloggers:  If you aren’t within the communities that are having discussions about Solvaderm, then you need to read this thoroughly and decide if you want to continue to promote their products and leave your blog posts up.  

Solvaderm scam - Does Juvabrite work?

Why am I suspicious of Solvaderm?

The sign it was time to look closer at Solvaderm  was when I got a letter demanding I remove photos from these posts on my blog about Solvaderm Eyevage and Solvaderm Juvabrite.  I didn’t like the products and I published my honest opinion.  According to Primark LLC (dba Solvaderm) and their interpretation of trademark laws, it’s not OK for me to post photos of their products on my website that I took after receiving them.  It’s OK for anyone who says good things about the product but not if the product is unfavorably reviewed.  They sent the products to me, requested an honest review, and when I gave my honest opinion, the company sent me a letter threatening me and demanding I take the photos down.   How many people have taken down their negative opinions about the product because they were bullied?

The Solvaderm emails attempting to bully bloggers into taking negative content off their websites date back to at least 2013.  Here’s an example of a letter.  This was another company, before Solvaderm emerged, but is owned by one of the same people that own Solvaderm.  Clearly, they’ve been at it a while!  They don’t want any negative reviews about their products out there and are wiling to pull absurd maneuvers to try and make that happen.  Desperation?  Lack of business ethics?  Obnoxious by nature?   Whatever it is, their corporate behavior model is in a class of it’s own.

The recent email they circulated  demands a response but contains a fake phone number (nice touch!) and an email address from which no one will respond.  It’s an address based in India as is the host for the domain it comes from,  Another really nice touch on the email aside of no physical address and a fake phone number is the name of the sender, “Mr. Schwartz”.   Schwartz is a common last name that is usually perceived to be Jewish.  Is this intended to make people think the email came from a Jewish attorney?   Would that be a Jewish attorney in India?

What’s wrong with this picture?

Secrets behind Solvaderm

More about the Solvaderm legal email (from India) has an excellent blog post where she analyzed what a train wreck the email is that Solvaderm sends to people (scroll down in Sissi’s post to see the Solvaderm  letter with Sissi’s mark ups.  It’s very embarrassing and speaks volumes about the people behind this company.

Solvaderm corporate address changes

Why has this company changed their mailing address so many times?   The addresses are all within a mile or two of each other and at least one has been verified as a UPS Store.   Who has a corporate address at a UPS Store?  Actually, the address on the “legal” email is the same as a UPS store.   You can’t just change your address on your website and make the others vanish in the cyber world!  There is data cached all over the place and it takes forever to clear out.  Just recently, the Solvaderm address changed again.  Now it’s on Ram Ridge Road in Spring Valley, NY.  But here are few other places they have also listed as their address.

Montvale NJ, Woodcliff Lake NJ – Now it’s Spring Valley, NY.  Why does it keep changing?

Solvaderm address

Where is the corporate office with employees, the scientists formulating their products, an executive team, and a CEO?   Why would they change their PO Box so often?  Why won’t customer service for Solvaderm tell you the mailing address if you call and ask for it?  Go ahead and call – they won’t tell you!  Ask who owns the company.  Request to speak to a manager.  You’ll get nowhere.

Things to observe on the Solvaderm website

I’m not going to pull down screen captures from Solvaderm’s site but I have them in the event the content disappears and I suspect it will.  Take note of the number of times the company mentions their products are sold in dermatologist offices, by cosmetic surgeons, and in med spas.  To date, Solvaderm is not sold in any cosmetic surgeons or doctors offices, according to their support team.  The products are not available anywhere except the Solvaderm website.  Solvaderm customer service has confirmed this over chat several times and via phone call.   So why does the website lead us to believe dermatologists and other professionals are selling the line in their offices?

I think the entire line is a turn key skin care product like those offered from   And some of their products may be sold by doctors with their own label on it.  But even if that’s the case,  it’s still not the product wit the Solvaderm trademark being sold in medical offices.  However, the website left me thinking they were.

I don’t know where the products are being manufactured.  Customer services claims it is New York but I don’t believe it.  On the website, there is an “authorized distributor” page (Who are the distributors? I’m thinking no one) along with this statement:

“Solvaderm skin care products contain clinical-strength formulations and are available only through physicians, medical spas, skin care physicians, and through this website.  Please help make sure your patients are aware of the authenticity of their Solvaderm product and ensure that they are purchasing it through authorized distribution channels.”

For an extra punch, they are asking people, I assume physicians, to ensure their patients are aware of the authenticity of the Solvaderm products?  (Wow!)

Who owns Solvaderm – Primark LLC?

The owners of the company are public record.  I’m not sharing any personal or private information here, this is the active business license for Primark LLC on file with the Nevada Secretary of State as of the time I published this post.  The owners are:  Danny O’Shea and Brendan O’Shea.

They use anonymous domain hosting so you can’t track them that way.  And they don’t put their names on the website or anywhere for consumers to see.   Proud business owners are usually out there in front of their products demonstrating leadership.  But not these guys!  I get a sense they are hiding.

Primark LLC business license
Excerpt of active business license for Primark LLC (Solvaderm) on file with the state of Nevada

iHealth Fulfillment Services reflects same owner as Solvaderm is owned by one of the same people that own Primark LLC.  I would have guessed this simply as a result of one of the numerous addresses associated with Solvaderm being listed as the address for iHealth Fulfillment.  You know what I love?  They sent out a press release that iHealth Fulfillment was selected by Solvaderm as its fulfillment provider.  OMG!  Seriously?

Solvaderm Scam iHealthFullfillment address


Today, iHealth Fullfillment has no address on the website.  It was recently removed and customer service won’t provide a mailing address when asked.  Thanks to the internet, the address is still cached all over the place.  Also, you can see the stellar reviews from people on Google with more complaints on file with the Better Business Bureau.

If the matching  address to Solvaderm is not enough to say the fulfillment company is also owned by the same people, maybe this is?  Here are two sections taken from the business license documentation on file with the State of New Jersey indicating Dan O’Shea is the owner.  While this is public record, I have blocked out the address because it’s a home.  I wonder where the company actually is?  The official business address is listed as a family home?  Now, that’s weird!

iHealth Fulfillment Services business license is ALSO associated with Primark LLC and iHealth Fulfillment Services is supposed to be an unbiased website for consumers.  They display a team of panel experts on their site who write articles.  Evidence  suggests the Primark LLC team is using this site (among others, this is just one example)  to inflate their brand and generate back links.

There are two things that point to the O’Shea association with

First, the address on Facebook for ConsumerHealthDigest was recently removed.  Again, another address removed or changed!  (*Rolls eyes*) Google has the last address listed on Facebook still cached so when I searched it, it still appears on Chestnut Ridge Road just as Solvaderm did.  Coincidentally, located in the same UPS Store. Facebook address

Second, Consumer Health Digest was also listed on 80 Red SchoolHouse Road, Suite 109 at one point in time.  On their Facebook page, the map widget still reflects the address on Red SchoolHouse Rd.   What’s unusual about that address?

80 Red SchoolHouse Road
Google map indicates former address for on  Red SchoolHouse Road.

80 Red SchoolHouse Road connects to the same owners as Solvaderm!  A venture capital company, Channel Mark Ventures, owned by Dan O’Shea with Brendan listed as a partner, is also listed at 80 Red SchoolHouse Road, Suite 109.   Channel Mark recently removed the corporate officer page with the owners listed but you can see the corporate address here.  And here is a press release indicating Dan O’Shea is the CEO and founder of Channel Mark Ventures.  Also, if you go to, both Dan and Brendan O’Shea have profiles indicating they are a owner or partner at Channel Mark Ventures.  At one point, the same address was also on the Google+ About page for but it’s been removed.

Consumer Health Digest former address

Given all this?  I would conclude is definitely connected with the people who own Primark LLC!   And we already know iHealth Fulfillment Services is owned by Dan O’Shea.  So, what do you think?  If the same people that own Solvaderm also own or are providing direction for would that be deceiving to consumers due to the heavy promotion of Solvaderm on the site?  I wouldn’t trust anything I read on the site.

What about  Is it authentic? (I know, it sounds like a Sephora rip off) has a cleaner trail but it is also associated with Dan O’Shea.  One of the “award winning editors” of this site, Kelly Everson, contacts bloggers asking them to promote Solvaderm and/or write articles for TheBeautyInsiders website.  I have been one of the bloggers repeatedly contacted by her and others from TheBeautyInsiders.  Of course, I accepted an offer to see what would happen!

Why am I confident Dan O’Shea is involved with  Because when I accepted an assignment from Kelly Everson, one of the employees, she approved a payment of $25 for social media work. The payment came from iHealth Fulfillment Services!  And who owns that company?  O’Shea!

Kelly Everson has a LinkedIn profile indicating she resides in Chicago, Illinois and works for TheBeautyInsiders.  Guess where the source IP address is on all Kelly’s emails?  India!  So, why does her LinkedIn profile and her profile on the e imply she is employed with them and residing in Chicago?  There are quite a few profiles on and that are questionable.  Check out Sissi’s post as she has closely analyzed the profiles.  It’s actually quite funny.

More suspicious activities from

Here’s another example of something to question.  Dan’s company is paying bloggers to promote his products through representatives and that website awarded a Solvaderm product with a “Product of the Year” award.  Really?  Seriously?  They created an award to give themselves?  I guess no one else was going to do it?  Just like the press release where they announced they chose themselves to be their fulfillment company!  Unless they are trying to mislead people, what other reason would they have to go through the trouble of doing this?

Also, on a side note.  Kelly Everson from asked a blogger to accept  money in her Paypal account from iHealth Fulfillment.  Kelly asked if she could distribute the money to other Paypal accounts to help out since she was really busy.  BIG RED FLAG!  She told the blogger she could keep a portion for herself in exchange for helping out with the assignment.  Needless to say, the blogger didn’t do this for them!  Instead, she collected all the evidence and reported it to law enforcement.


Are there more websites being run by the same people offering consumers unbiased reviews?

Unfortunately, it would appear so!  For example, take a look at  It has the same pop up on the Contact Page.  It’s got the same look and feel as some of the other sites.  They only use stock photos, have similar footers, no ability to comment, same review template, same grammatical errors, same disclosures, etc.  But, let’s just cut to the chase!  I’m confident it’s Primark LLC again!  How do I know?  Well, the domain for is registered with a contact at  Guess who sends the Primark “legal” letter?  “”.  And Mr. Schwartz, the author, claims to be the assistant to the owner of Primark, LLC.

I think all the sites registered to are somehow associated with these guys!  Since GoldenStreetMedia is referenced on the legal Primark LLC letter and is also the domain registrar contact for most of these sites (see below), I think we can conclude most of these sites are somehow affiliated with Dan O’Shea.  And they tell you to buy Solvaderm products and the products are rated number 1 (well, by them at least)!

I’d like to see who is actually paying the hosting bills, advertising, etc!  These sites are misleading to me and constantly steer me back to Solvaderm and indicate they are better than other brands.  I don’t see proper disclosures and these sites are supposedly independent, unbiased third parties.  Considering they are hosted in India, I don’t know if the disclosures are still required.

Look at all the “reviews” posted that are supposedly on unbiased third party sites.  Some of them are for supplements which the owners also have sold in the past.  Someone even posted on my website about how great the Juvabrite product was and it turned out she lived in an area of Africa where they don’t ship the Solvaderm products.

Solvaderm’s Juvabrite Review

Lipozyme: Does Lipozyme Work?

Phenocal Review: Does It Work? Find The Truth Here

Solvaderm’s Eyevage Review – Why Eyevage Should Be Your First Choice?

Solvaderm’s Eyevage Review: Does It Work? Find The Truth Here

Solvaderm’s Eyevage Review – Is Eyevage Right For You?

Solvaderm’s Eyevage Review – How Does Eyevage Work?

If you check how the domains for the sites above are registered, most are in India with a web address at under the name Donna Begg.  Donna Begg is believed to be a fictitious person and listed as the website admin for  OMG!  A lot of time and energy has gone into building all this and creating the reviews, backlinks, etc.  Unfortunately, the person or team who executed and published things on all these sites aren’t the best and brightest!  Using the same domain to register the sites that gets placed on a threatening letter from Primark LLC establishes an undisputable connection between all these entities.

Now what do you think?

So, how do you feel about buying or promoting Solvaderm products?  As I consumer, I’m pretty upset that I’m being presented with information that’s supposed to be coming from unbiased 3rd parties yet they all seem to be coming from the same people that own Solvaderm.

Then again, if you have an ineffective product or you don’t believe in your own products, I guess someone with no morals would feel compelled to do this.

Truly….This is an absolute  disgrace!

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15 thoughts on “Is Solvaderm A Scam? Here Are The Facts – You Decide!

  1. The above article is very true on behalf of my knowledge and experience with this company. I was a digital marketing executive of company who is handling every thing of and activity and Danny O’Shea and Brendon O’Shea are the clients of this company. This company is operated from Nagpur and Pune Location. This company making people and customer fools. I request to all of you to expose these kinds of organization and people in the world and ban the company and arrest all of them involved in this scam immediately.

    Company website:

    Owner of the company is :
    1. Khalid Rizwan
    2 Mohammad Khanbahaddur

  2. It’s really great to stumble upon people who take the time to expose scammers. The Worldwide Web has become a place for them to hide, pose as somebody else and manipulate from there. I wish there was a way to rate people’s integrity and keep them out of the Web if don’t pass the mark.

    1. I wish there was too! Quite a few people have reported the company to the FTC. I’m hoping one day that makes a difference! What I’ve found is many elderly women fall into the Solvaderm advertising trap. It’s very unsettling. The company has a similar set up with vitamins or some sort of supplements with tons of websites, writers overseas posing as Americans with college educations, the sites don’t reveal the connection to the brand – and the same fake legal letters get sent to anyone that tries to expose them. It’s so disgusting! The two brothers that run the businesses have no integrity.

  3. Thank you for sharing this! I’m an experienced skincare shopper and bought Solvaderm products. (I was looking for a good, less expensive alternative to Skinceuticals). When they didn’t live up to it’s name I went to their website and upon closer inspection their website does indeed smell fishy – ie – links that don’t go to right place, lots of sciency sounding legitimacy that isn’t backed up anywhere. I’m now in the process of taking them up on their guarantee. They don’t make it easy and have a clause to nail you for initial shipping costs (which were free upon purchase). If it doesn’t go well, I will file a complaint wherever it makes the most sense.

    1. They certainly can’t live up to SkinCeuticals. I’m truly shocked they have been allowed to get away with this as long as they have! The number of blogs, review websites, overseas people paid to drop links and comments on blogs… is astounding. They have built an overwhelming network to promote their products and people don’t know they are behind all of it. There’s so much advertising spam from them it’s nearly unavoidable and products I’ve tried don’t yield any results. I’m sorry you have to jump through their hoops to return something. I’m not surprised they make it difficult. It’s a disgusting company run by a couple of guys (brothers) who have no integrity and should be ashamed of themselves.

  4. Wow….happy to know I came across your website I was seriously thinking about buying solvaderm products. Now I’m on the hunt again for a good anti-wrinkle cream

    1. Yes, I have! And since I’ve posted this article…. wait for it…. I’ve been approached (as of yesterday) 7 times to have “guest blog” posts on my site that points back to “”. What a joke! Every time it’s a different person from overseas and the articles are crappy and obviously written by someone with ZERO knowledge of cosmetics and skin and ZERO knowledge of how to properly write in English. Eventually, it’s just a matter of time, these guys will be taken down for good. Many people have caught onto them. They have just pushed it too far and too long and they look very SPAMMY & SCAMMY!

    1. It’s frustrating to see consumers being mislead. There are so many companies selling skin care that strive to produce a great, original product. This whole situation disgusts me.

  5. I have honestly never heard about the brand, but having this information, I will avoid at all costs (not that they have contacted me or anything like that lol). Honestly speaking I hate when companies try to bully us into deleting HONEST reviews, which they think are bad. I am so sick of receiving e-mails from various companies stating “we want a positive review”, I guess they don’t understand what bloggers are about after all. You did such a great job exposing them, I think they should listen up.

    Naya //

    1. I expect one of their threatening letters any day now! But… they can’t say as of today, these aren’t all facts. And since when can’t we have an opinion? I get the same thing – “we want a positive review” – otherwise, no review at all. This Solvaderm company hits up bloggers in the U.S. – Not sure they ship their product to Dubai. Be glad they don’t. It disgusts me that the FTC hasn’t taken action.

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