3LAB “M” Eye Brightening Cream – Review

I like many eye creams but there are only a few that I absolutely love and will never be without.  I’m totally obsessed with my eyes (probably to the point that I need therapy) but anyhow,  guess what!?  I’ve been using an eye cream from 3LAB and it’s completely amazing and I can never be without it!  I can’t imagine someone trying this product and not loving it.  The one I want to tell you about is 3LAB “M” Eye Brightening Cream.  I’m very excited to share details of this product with you.

3LAB M Eye Brightening cream

“M” Eye Brightening Overview

The “M” Eye Brightening is a very hydrating formula and it contains ingredients that are new in the cosmetic market that instantly illuminate the eye area.  I can attest to the fact that the under eye area is immediately brighter when using this product.  The formula minimizes the appearance of dark circles, reduces the ability to form crow’s feet, and decreases the appearance of crepey skin under the eyes.  I love the immediate brightening effect and the way my skin feels after using this product.  It contains ingredients that are soothing, moisturizing, and designed to condition the eye area.

It is recommended to use the eye cream twice daily.  One of the key ingredients is proven to lift the upper eye fold.  I use the product both under my eye and on my eyelids.  The instruction on the 3LAB website indicate to use the product around the eye area.  I would interpret this to include the eyelid but the directions were not that specific.

I found reviews on FabOverFifty for the 3LAB “M” Cream (the face cream in the same range).  The experiences sounded similar to mine – noticeable and impressive results in a short period of time for nearly all users.  Some of the same ingredients are contained in the face cream.  All the testers recommended the cream and I’m not surprised after trying the eye cream in this range.

Key Ingredients in 3LAB “M” Eye Brightening

3LAB eye brightening cream

Many of the ingredients in the 3LAB eye cream are new to me.  I have used many eye creams and I always review ingredients.  Some of these were familiar to me, but most of the ingredients I’m being introduced to for the first time.  Not having used products with these ingredients explains why this product feels so different to me.  I’ve provided some links with additional information about some of the ingredients that I found most interesting.  3LAB has combined a myriad of exclusive and high end skin care technology in the “M” Eye Brightening formula.

I thought you’d be interested in what makes this eye cream different and what some of the key ingredients are.

Apple Stem Cells – Plant based stem cells known to slow down the signs of aging.  The cells  come from a rare Swiss apple.  (Yep, they are there – I checked the ingredients and it’s near the top!) Uttwiler Spatlauber is an endangered apple variety that was well-known for its excellent storability and longevity potential. It appears in the ingredient list as Malus Domestica Fruit Extract.  Here you can read more about the patented apple stem cell  technology (it’s actually fascinating stuff)!

Bio-Engineered Renewal Complex – A protein from plant extract formulated to renew the appearance of healthy skin.

Beautifeye™ – Specifically proven to visibly lift the upper eyelid fold and reduce the appearance of under eye shadows and puffiness.  Harvested from bark extract.  This is another fascinating patented technology and you can read more here about Beautifeye™.

Fimexel – A biopolymer that protects the eye from irritants and is known to visibly lift and brighten the eye area.

Symcalmin® – Another ingredients to protect the skin from irritants and/or daily agressors and visible signs of premature aging. This ingredient is derived from oats (you know how soothing oats are for skin!).

SWT-7™ – An ingredient extracted from Indian Gentian leaves that’s known to reduce the appearance of vertical lines and wrinkles which then results in a denser appearance of skin.  According to the manufacturer of this product, changes are seen as early as 7 days.

Riboxyl™ – Helps to firm and smooth crepey skin and visibly increases firmness and improves the overall complexion.  This ingredient helps to energize cell turnover for a more vibrant and youthful appearance.

Lipomoist™ – This is a plant derived peptide that forms a film for short and long term hydration of the skin.  This also acts as a delivery system and increases effectiveness and absorption of active ingredients.

My Experience and Thoughts on the Product

Review 3LAB M Eye Brightening Cream

The first time I used “M” Eye Brightening, I noticed my under eye area felt super smooth.   After a few days using this eye cream,  I was quite impressed.  My skin felt baby soft and smooth and appeared more awake looking.  My under eye area was overall brighter and more refreshed.  After using the product for several weeks, the hydration, supple skin, and brightness has been sustained.  I’ve been using the product twice daily on my eyelids and under my eyes.

I don’t notice much of a fragrance with this eye cream.  There is a very mild fresh scent.  I don’t know that everyone who uses the product could detect this is or not.  It’s that subtle.   The cream has a light weight, silky texture and is translucent.  A tiny bit goes a long way.  I use the size of a pea and this is enough for both my eyelids and under eye areas.

I realize this is an expensive cream to recommend.  I wouldn’t encourage anyone to spend a lot of money on skin care products unless I truly believed they were worth it.   With 3LAB, this one is well worth the price tag and  it’s rare I like an eye cream this much.

The 3LAB “M” Brightening cream retails at Barneys and 3LAB.com for $250 US / .5 oz

Next up for testing and review from 3LAB is an advanced Vitamin C serum called Perfect “C” Serum.  I’m very excited to try another product in this line!  Have you tried anything from 3LAB?  Do you plan on trying out this new eye cream?

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8 thoughts on “3LAB “M” Eye Brightening Cream – Review

  1. I haven’t heard of apple stem cells in skincare but it sounds promising. Are you still noticing differences with this product? Do you put on your eyelids?

    1. I wasn’t familiar with apple stem cells either until just recently. Yes, I apply the product to my eyelids since there is an ingredient in them that helps to life the lid. I notice a difference everyday. My under eye area is very soft and my makeup looks better. This is definitely worth a try. I believe anyone who tries it would love the product! Thank you for stopping in! xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Thank you for a great review. I didn’t know anything about this brand. I’ve been looking on line and would like to try something. What else do you recommend?

    1. I haven’t tried other products in the line except a C Serum but I just started it. So, this is the one product I can definitely recommend having tried it. As I explore more in the line, I’ll keep the blog updated. Overall, I would think all their products are top quality from my personal experience! I hope you enjoy! XOXO

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