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  1. You always writing many useful post frequently. I usually your post. I hope you can write many post about skincare… more and more. Thanks

  2. I’m a huge MAC junkie & as I’m getting older, I’m finding it more difficult to choose colors that will make me look younger. I’d love to see an article naming lipstick colors for those in different age groups. Thank you for all these fabulous giveaways. Shared on all my social networks.
    Google+- Diane Kleiman
    Pinterest- dlori27
    Linked inDLori27 I think

    Follow and shared on all sites and also followed the rules for your partner in this fab contest
    Good Luck to all
    kleimanlaw at aol dot com

    1. Hmmm. Your comment is interesting to me. I’ve mever thought about lipstick colors making anyone look older. I mean there is that weird frosty browning stuff that would age anyone – frosty lipsticks in general are hard to pass off. What colors are you using today that you feel make you look older?

  3. Being I am a legit lipstick junkie I’ve never owned or even tried anything by MAC!! So “if” I did happen to win I think it would be fun if you picked out the 3 colors one being Velvet Teddy.

    I’ve been crazy busy so need to do some catching up with you though!
    I hope you are having a great summer thus far. I was thinking about you on July 27th or August 27th. Hope all went well! ❤
    I also need to pick your brain for giveaway how tos because I’d really love to start running giveaways too.

    Sending sweet dream wishes!! ????????

    1. I just went back to my office last week and I’ve been slammed getting adjusted after being home. July 27th- I posted some pics and now it’s looking better everyday. Still swollen but that’s normal. I’m about 2-3 weeks I’ll post my final result but there’s a big difference when you compare side by side

  4. I am obbsesseddd with all things beauty and makeup!! I have always wanted to become a makeup artist there are so many amazing beauty brands on the market now and not so easy to afford, I would die to win this giveaway to experience high end products!!!!✨✨✨❤️

    1. I am following. I’m so glad you like the site. I must agonize over fonts and colors every other day. It’s ridiculous. I keep changing the title font. I just need to stop. LOL

      1. Thank you! I used a template from a company called AngieMakes. They have been wonderful and their support is outstanding. It’s a little more complex though than using the templates available on But… with a little time and practice you can do anything!

  5. I am so excited To have found you and now subscribe. I am fairly new to the bloggy world, but really enjoy reading REAL PEOPLE review real items. Excited about your giveaway. I’m sure I’m not anymore deserving than the next fabulous bloggy girl, but I would love to win to try out some products that I don’t typically buy for myself because of price or just different than my norm. Then I can add to my own blog a review of the products!

    The Anastasia contour kit is most exciting because many blogs and videos mention it and I’ve not yet ventured into the contour world.

    1. Hey Lyndsey,
      Thank you so so much! There’s nothing I love to hear more than when people tell me they like the blog. I needed a good smile tody! I love all the products in the giveaway, this is why we chose them. And actually, I don’t have anyone of them (well except the lashes since I buy them at a rate only an addict would! I see you have a blog too, so I will subscribe when I get home from work tonight unless I can do it from here.

  6. I love playing with different products but too many things get in the way of feeding my need to try new things. Giveaways are fun and no risk so why not give it a shot!

  7. I really love all these product,wish I could have all of them,,can’t wait to become beautiful when I apply these,

    1. Best of luck! But don’t worry, if you don’t win, I will pick other wonderful things for giveaways. I try to pick things that I think people would love and I love to share with my subscribers! XOX

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